A sample translation of Client Agreement from English into Chinese

Source Text (English)

11.2         Indemnity

The Client indemnifies and hold harmless on a continuing basis, the MDA Operator, its employees, principals, directors and officers from and against all damages, losses, costs, expenses (including reasonable legal fees), indebtedness and liability claimed against or suffered by the MDA Operator arising from omissions or errors of the Executing Broker or Clearing Broker in executing orders instructed by the MDA Operator or clearing trades on the Client’s account or a failure by the Client to comply with its obligations under this Agreement.

The Client also agrees that the MDA Operator shall not be liable to the Client for any losses, costs, expenses, or other damages sustained by the Client in the event of any failure or delay by any exchange, Market, clearing house, bank or other depository institution where any of the Client’s funds or other assets are maintained, or a failure or delay by any member, participant, bank or agent of any of the foregoing, or a failure or delay by any member, participant, bank or agent of any of the foregoing to enforce its rules, to fulfill its obligations, or to make any payment, for any reason whatsoever.  The Client waives any claim, cause of action or right as against the MDA Operator, or its employees or agents which may arise or occur as a result thereof.

The MDA Operator shall not accept or bear any liability whatsoever in respect of the operation of a trading floor or the operation of any exchange system, whether for any breach of a provision of any relevant legislation, negligence, injury, death, lost profits, loss of files, data or use, economic loss, loss of reputation or losses or damages incidental or consequential to the operation of any trading floor or any exchange system EXCEPT to the extent that same is caused by the negligence, fraud or dishonesty on the part of the MDA Operator, its employees, agents in relation to the Clearing Broker’s and/or the MDA Operator’s or the Executing Broker’s activities as a financial services licensee.  All the description, quality, performance or fitness of the purposes of the Client of any trading floor or any exchange system or component thereof: the MDA Operator does not warrant or forecast that any trading floor or any exchange system or component thereof any services performed in respect thereof will meet the requirements of any user, or that the operation of any trading floor or any exchange system will be uninterrupted or error-free.

Target Text (Simplified Chinese)

11.2        弥偿

若执行经纪人或结算经纪人在执行由 MDA 经营者指示的指令中或在结算客户账户的交易中出现遗漏或失误,或客户未能遵守本协议下的义务,并因此导致 MDA 经营者遭到申索或遭受损失,如损害赔偿、损失、花费、开支(包括合理的法律费用)、负债和债务,客户须始终保证 MDA 经营者、其雇员、主事人、董事和高级职员不必对所有这些负责并保护其免受损失。

客户还同意,若持有客户任何资金或其他资产的任何交易所、市场、票据交换所、银行或其他存管机构发生任何故障或延误,或任何前述机构的成员、参与者、银行或代理人发生故障或延误,或任何前述机构的成员、参与者、银行或代理人出于任何原因未能执行其规则、履行其义务或进行任何付款,并导致客户遭受任何损失、花费、开支或其他损害赔偿,MDA 经营者不必对此负任何法律责任。客户放弃可能因上述原因导致的、针对 MDA 经营者、其雇员或代理人的任何申索、诉讼因由或权利。

MDA 经营者不会就某交易大堂的运作或任何交换系统的运作而接受或承担任何法律责任,无论该运作造成任何违反相关法律规定、疏忽、伤害、死亡、利润损失、文件、数据或效用丢失、经济损失、信誉损失,或伴随任何交易大堂或任何交换系统的运作而产生或因这些运作而导致损失或损害赔偿,除非上述后果因 MDA 经营者、其雇员和代理人方面在作为金融服务执照持有者从事与结算经纪人和/或 MDA 经营者或执行经纪人有关活动中的疏忽、欺诈或不诚实而造成。任何交易大堂或任何交换系统或其组成部分的所有描述、质量、性能或客户目的适宜性:MDA 经营者不保证或预测任何交易大堂或任何交换系统或其组成部分,就其执行的任何服务而言,将满足任何用户的需求,或任何交易大堂或任何交换系统的运作将无间断或无错误。

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