Memorandum of Association

A sample translation of Memorandum of Association from English into Chinese

Source Text (English)

1.       The objects for which the Company is established are:-

(1)          To develop and turn to account any forest and land acquired by the company or in which the company is interested, and in particular by laying out and preparing the same for building purposes, constructing, altering, landscaping, jungle clearing, timber felling, decorating, maintaining, furnishing and improving buildings, and by planting, paving, draining, farming, cultivating, nursery works letting on building lease or building agreement, and by advancing money to and entering into contracts and arrangements of all lands with builders, tenants and others; and to carry on the business of housing developers, builders, construction contractors, sub-contractors, developers, consulting engineers, civil engineers, clearing contractors, buildings and reinforced concrete specialists and to construct, execute, carry out, equip, improve, work, develop, administer, manage or control private and public works and conveniences of all kinds, which expression in this Memorandum includes (but without limiting the generality of the foregoing) roads, railways, docks, harbours, wharves, bridges, canals, reservoirs, water courses, pipelines, embankments, irrigations, reclamation, improvement, sewage, drainage, water, gas, electric light, telephonic, telegraph and power supply works, buildings and erections of every land; and to carry on any other business in connection therewith and incidental thereto.

Target Text (Simplified Chinese)

1.          本公司创建的目标为:

(1)          开发及利用本公司收购的或本公司有利益关系的任何森林和土地,具体方法包括,将该森林和土地加以规划和筹备以用于建筑目的、建造和改建建筑、为建筑提供园林艺术、丛林空地、木材砍伐、装饰、维护、装备和改善,种植、铺设、排污、饲养、耕作、通过建筑租约或建筑协议出租苗圃工程,以及向建筑商、租户和其他人士预支款项并与其签订合约和协定;开展住房开发商、建筑商、建设承包商、次承包商、开发商、顾问工程师、土木工程师、清理承包商、建筑专家和钢筋混凝土专家的业务,建造、执行、实施、装备、改良、运行、开发、经营、管理或控制各类私人和公共工程和设施——在本组织大纲中,此短语包括(但不会限制上述项目的通用含义)每块土地的道路、铁路、船坞、海港、码头、桥梁、运河、蓄水池、水道、管道、堤岸、灌溉、复垦、改善、下水道、排水、自来水、煤气、电灯、电话、电报和供电工程、建筑物和搭建物;开展与上述有关及伴随产生的任何其他业务。

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