A sample translation of Promissory Note from English into Chinese

Source Text (English)


Borrowers offer lender security in the form of property ABC. The item is currently valued at $XXX,XXX AUD. The item will remain in the possession of Mxxxx Zxxxx until the debt is paid in full.

Lender agrees there will be no additional payments in the form of interest.

If borrower fails to make payments as agreed, lender has the option of demanding payment in full of all outstanding monies. Borrowers understand that lender may utilise any legal options available to collect the outstanding funds. This includes the sale or disposal of the security pledged.

Target Text (Simplified Chinese)


借款人将位于 ABC 的房产抵押给贷款人。该房产目前价值为 XXX,XXX 澳币。 该房产将归 ZXXXX MXXXX 所有,直至欠款全部还清。


如果借款人未如约支付款项,贷款人可要求支付所有未偿还款项。 借款人知道,贷款人可采取任何可行的法律手段来收回未偿还款项。 这包括出售或处理抵押品。

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